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All photographs were taken by my father when he was a naval officer during WW II. In the last two pictures, he is both the photographer and the man in the suit cupping the breast in the painting. His voyeurism extended to me, his daughter, as evidenced in my film.

alps-mountaintopdreaming1 alps-ski-poles1 alps-ski-slope1 bathing-beauty1 bikini11 bikini21 bikinisea1 laughing-shrub1 little-girl-bent-knee1 little-girl-fur1 little-girl-birdcage1 little-girl-sexy1 mosaic-pool1 on-the-rocks21 road-to-ocean1 rock11 rock21 smiling-beach1 soldiertank1 sunkissed1 sunny-day1

This is my mother. My father – the voyeur, the bon vivant, the hedonist, the gastronome – what can I say, it’s obvious why he liked her. She positioned herself as a mere object. In spite of that, I do love these calendar shots. I have such mixed emotions. I love the gorgeous vintage photography but it stirs up so much rage towards my father and his objectification. 


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