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Editorial Retraction regarding the life of Abbot Lutz 1917-1985

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The final report from the investigation committee, which consists of the only child of Abbot Lutz, has concluded that Abbot Lutz engaged in sexual misconduct and that his mind contained heaps of fabricated data used to intimidate and terrorize his only child with the intention of making himself more dominant. The Investigation Committee reported that the data (hereinafter referred to as “evidence”) left to his only child has caused irreparable harm. Any findings previously reported in his New York Times obituary are deemed false and invalid. Furthermore, the committee found that the evidence collected proved disturbing and furtive. Because the final report of the investigation indicated that a significant amount of the evidence put forward by Abbot Lutz in photographs, super 8 film and reel to reel audio tape was conceived with the intent to satisfy his narcissistic urges, the editors of his obituary feel that an immediate and unconditional retraction of his “good” name is needed. We therefore retract any positive statements made about the deceased and advise his family and “friends” that anything favorable reported about him is deemed to be invalid.