The Marina Experiment

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To add to the current #metoo conversation, my distributor Kanopy has featured my film on their Speak Out Against Assault online bookshelf.
Please watch.


Music: Mick Harvey  Narration Direction: Ettore Siracusa  RT: 17:38

Kanopy reaches 3,000 campuses & public libraries worldwide.
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“When I heard your story, I was floored. I had to find some way to reach out to you, perhaps in some way apologizing to you on behalf of all men. I am humbled and overcome with outrage at the abuse you suffered, and concerned for the pain you still endure.”

“As an artist, as a woman, you are showing women how to have feelings again. Complicated feelings. You make it look good.”     

“Thank you for showing us the depravity of your fathers kind, so that we can be outraged and call it abnormal, too.”  

“Your father not only deprived you of a childhood, but himself from truly enjoying his own child. I hope your documentary efforts are yielding fruits of healing and I know many of my friends are following this story. Make the best of your life and through your leadership, inspire others to do the same.”

“The astounding visual sense you bring to such jarring material is rare – It’s like you are furiously painting.”

“Stark and direct and scary and honest … and beautifully made.”

“You’re courageous and cool, and inspiring. I hope to see this film everywhere.”

“You are a remarkable woman to be able to use your anger in such a creative venue and your life ahead holds so much promise.”

“The Marina Experiment should be seen by everyone who has survived abuse and everyone who is planning on having children.”

“Thank you for making this film, I had no idea anyone else had experienced anything at all like I had.”

“Vulnerable, uncomfortably raw and captivating.”

“Finding people like you, and finding ways to put words on a very confusing experience helps me in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

“I think you have so much courage to do this and I’m sure it’s going to help a lot of people.”

“You RULE, and are an inspiration!”